About The Blog

I appreciate your visit to The Delicious Recipes, a blog that has vegetarian, non-vegetarian, trending, traditional, and healthy recipes from around the world. I am happy you are here. Additionally, there are numerous appetizing baking recipes.

The recipes have step-by-step instructions along with tips and tricks that will lead you towards perfection.

The Delicious Recipes

I have been passionate about cooking since childhood. I always love to make and try different recipes. Additionally, I prefer to make recipes simple by using alternative ingredients , spices, and different techniques to make food more tempting and easy to make. Despite this, I love to create healthy versions of many traditional and baking recipes. I have experience of cooking for more than 7 years. During this journey, I have made many mistakes  even gotten many cuts and burned many times, but no pain, no gain. To help you avoid making the same ones, I give methods and suggestions in each recipe blog. I also make sure to offer detailed instructions for how to store and reheat your food properly.

My ultimate goal is to motivate you to have an adventure in your own kitchen while cooking up easy, delicious meals for your family.

You are more than welcome to read my recipes, give them a try at home, and comment on them.